Maine Dreams

Dale Lowell

“Why do you recommend everyone to live their dreams?”

“It’s who you are. I believe you don’t want to make concessions in your life and sacrifice your dream. It makes me happy, it will make you happy. Step out of your comfort zone, do what you have to do to get your dream to come true.” -Dale Lowell


     Dale Lowell grew up on a farm in Gorham, Maine. From the moment she could talk and walk, Dale dreamed of having horses. After she learned how to read, all she cared to read about were horses. From reading, drawing and dreaming about them at age 6, it was clear to her Dad this passion was real. One day, Dale was coming home from elementary school and her father surprised her with a pony at her bus stop. Ever since then Dale has always had a horse in her life. She shared how horse’s have a power, strength, quietness and beauty that gives her an escape of happiness during any chapter of her life.

Dale lead a horse 4-H group for 18 years and was given an Outstanding Citizen award for her leadership. She said how her passion for horses has connected her with her closest friends and has created an intimate connection with her neighbors as well. “It is easier to get to know people on a horse. You wouldn’t drive your car into someone’s yard, but if you go by on a horse, people stop and talk. You get to know the neighborhood in a different way, you are grounded through the horse.”


Dale shared even though horse back riding is one of the most dangerous hobbies in the world, she will ride until she dies because she would not trade it for anything. Whenever she travels she makes sure to ride a horse whether she is in Iceland, Ireland or Arizona. Dale also loves to travel and having a farm could hinder that but not for Dale. She has always found reliable people to watch over the animals. Words from the wise on how to find the perfect balance of having two passions…”if I want something, I go after it!”-Dale Lowell. If your passion is strong enough, there is an abundance of motivation, ready to respond and make things happen.

Some people believe you are born with a destiny or you create your own destiny… or is it both? Are we drawn to our predetermined destiny, that propels us to walk in that direction and live our dreams? Well that is for you to decide. Dale was born with a passion for horses and has enjoyed them her whole life because she has stayed true to her heart. From her commitment and dedication to live her dreams, she felt like karma brought her the perfect log cabin to retire in, with a barn of course to compliment her ideal lifestyle.

“You are drawn to something and you don’t even know why and it turns out to be perfect for you.” -Dale Lowell


Sisters Gourmet Deli


In life we tend to let our ego take over and steer us in the wrong direction because of fear, embarrassment or concern about what others may think of us. Well meet the Queen of overcoming the ego, Ms. Michaela McVetty. She is an ambitious motivated woman who was not afraid to dream at a young age. Michaela recognized an opportunity with a coworker to pursue a Hot Dog stand business. The coworker mentioned it in passing and Michaela caught wind of it and did not let it pass her by. Her creative ambitions lead her to  contact the coworker everyday with new thoughts and ideas for the Hot Dog stand, even when he asked her to take a break from itMM3….Michaela decided she wouldn’t because her excitement out shined her ego. Eventually the coworker agreed to give it a shot and the two had a stand right in Old Orchard Beach for a summer. Michaela shared that it was fun, a lot of work and ultimately a learning experience! From there naturally she studied Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management at the University of Southern Maine. Michaela then worked her way into becoming Manager/Co-Owner of two restaurants, Fit to Eat and White Cap Grille. Her hard work and leadership skills allowed her to not only do well at both restaurants but gave her memories and bonds with coworkers she now calls family. Michaela laughs because although she technically may have been the boss of girls younger than her and woman older then her she couldn’t just call her coworker’s friends, it felt right to call them Sisters! As season’s changed and working about 90 plus hours a week Michaela realized it was time to take care of herself, clear her head take a vacation and pursue a new business of her very own when she returned. She went back and forth on either going with a more upper scale restaurant like White Cap or something like Fit to Eat, a gourmet deli. Fortunately Michaela said “The Sisters had spoken” and reminded her of how happy she was when she was running Fit to Eat. This made Michaela decide another gourmet deli would be perfect and that she already knows how to take the best of the best from Fit to Eat and make it better. She said how grateful she is for all the help family and friends have put in to turn her new dream into reality. Michaela shared stories on how the development of the gourmet deli has been a blast and how she loves jumping right in to help the carpenter, painting and being truly  100% apart of the whole creative process. Michaela McVetty is a woman who knows how to have a good time while working hard. She noted how she loves the coworkers who are joining her at Sisters Gourmet Deli and enjoys having their strengths shine in the opening process from marketing, design, organization, food ideas etc. So without further a due Michaela will be opening Sisters Gourmet Deli at 15 Monument Square in downtown Portland on May 1st, 2016!!!! It is already clear how fun and successful Sisters Gourmet Deli will be because of who Michaela is as an Owner, Manager, and most importantly as a Sister!


Maine Dreams Masquerade Ball



Saturday, JANUARY 30th, 2016!!!
8:00pm @ Spire29, Gorham ME

Join us for a timeless night out! All proceeds will go to the Good Shepherd Food Bank after the holidays. This is an event for all ages and will provide wristbands for 21+ attendees!

Click here to buy tickets online $13 or $15 cash at door. Come see our opening performance done by the Centre of Movement followed by a Dj from Evlas Entertainment!



Grant Dodge


       We all have different ways of coping with the world. When you are aware of the corruption it also reveals the beauty and when you are in a tough place, eventually you wrestle out to see a divine path to a brighter day. There is a paradigm of opposing perspectives and to experience both and succeed is a beautiful thing, called life.

Gdodge2       This pirate who goes by the name of Grant Dodge, uses art as an outlet from the world. He shared how for him being an introvert, art is an avenue where he finds console; sitting in a dark room by candle light and expressing aspects of his soul and imaginations on paper. Grant enjoGdodge1ys how art doesn’t directly bring answers but hints at something greater… “invisible realms of ideals.” -Grant Dodge. He explained how it is important for everyone to find their own personal outlet because you handle life better in a more passionate healthy fashion. “Even if you are not good at whatever your passion is, an outlet is important and really helps everyone at a global level.” -Grant Dodge

       From art, tattoos, acting and music Grant is a pirate of all trades. He enjoys the technicalities of art and high quality art. Grant draws most of his inspiration from everyday life, the Renaissance Era to ancient East and West ideologies. You will often find a hidden dragon or crouching tiger amongst his art work. Grant’s goal is to pool together different art ideas to one day create his own comic book. It is clear from his work, Grant sets a high standard of art and soon we will all be able to enjoy his intellectually deep yet visually appealing comic book!

“Drawing is so natural for me, I couldn’t avoid it!” -Grant Dodge

Chelsea Williams

Why is it worth living your dreams?”

“When I feel connected to an art form, is when I feel most alive. I feel like I am the best version of myself. I don’t even know if I know why. It’s something in me that knows why it is worth it and it keeps me going when times are hard.” -Chelsea Williams

Chel W4

       Chelsea Williams grew up in Maine singing and was always apart of a choir or chorus in her hometown. She said she was never one to voluntarily go up on stage alone due to stage fright until…her freshman year in high school. Chelsea stepped out of her comfort zone and tried out for the musical Hello Dolly, it was that moment when singing met acting and both worlds collided perfectly. From there Chelsea found her element and since then has fully thrived with her strong presence on stage! She continued to participate in musicals throughout high school and realized she could pursue this passion as a career and study it in college. Chelsea studied Musical Theater at Emerson College. She shared how grateful she is for her family’s continuous support and the connections she has made with encouraging teachers. Chelsea said how important it is to surround yourself with supportive people because they truly understand how happy it makes you feel when you are doing what you love.

Mamma Mia Fox Theater CAST in order of appearance Sophie Sheridan .......................................................................................................CHELSEAWILLIAMS Ali .........................................................................................................................................EMILY PRICE Lisa ......................................................................................................................OLIVIA ASHLEY REED Tanya...............................................................................................................GABRIELLE MIRABELLA Rosie......................................................................................................................................SARA SMITH Donna Sheridan .................................................................................................GEORGIA KATE HAEGE Sky ..................................................................................................................................ERIC PRESNALL Pepper ......................................................................................................................P. TUCKERWORLEY Eddie................................................................................................................................TONY TILLMAN Harry Bright...............................................................................................................MARK A. HARMON Bill Austin ...........................................................................................................MICHAEL COLAVOLPE Sam Carmichael ................................................................................................................JEFF DRUSHAL Father Alexandrios.........................................................................................ROYCE JAMES McINTOSH THE ENSEMBLE ANTHONY ALFARO, FRANCESCA AROSTEGUI, SEAN PATRICK GRADY, CHRISTOPHER HLINKA, ALBERT JENNINGS, TODD MacINTYRE,

       After college, Chelsea landed her dream job with Broadway’s National Tour of Mamma Mia. The past two years she has toured the country performing over 600 shows of Mamma Mia as one of the lead characters, Sophie. Chelsea explained how she is now officially well traveled and doesn’t recommend it to everyone but ultimately it was the best thing for her and it was a true test of her stamina. Now that the tour has come to an end Chelsea picked up her bags and moved to New York City where she is currently auditioning, to pursue her next dream job! With her talent, perseverance, and passion for Musical Theater it won’t be long until we will see Chelsea in her element shining brightly from the stage!


Dominique Bouthillette

How do you overlook any potential unsupportive judgment towards you Body Building?”

It is my hobby and passion. I may not understand everyone’s hobbies in the world but to each their own. If they don’t understand that is on them, not me. I love seeing my body transform. It is fascinating and I have learned so much from Body Building!” -Dominique Bouthillette


        Inspiration is a powerful tool, some say the key to life. A certain someone can enter your life or a particular situation can occur and suddenly you become greatly motivated to achieve a goal you never thought you could before. For this Maine woman, Dominique Bouthillette, inspiration came into her life from her Dad. He competed in Body Building contests and won many of them, when Dominique was attending Middle School and High School. She became very interested in Body Building and always wanted to do it but recognized from her father it takes a lot of time and dedication. So she waited until after college… the passion to train and compete for Body Building was still apart of her. Dominique said she had been through a not so easy break up around that time as well but from all of this it aligned her to focus on herself and pursue an interest that was lingering throughout her school years.

        Dominique shared how there was a big learning curve to training and dieting for Body Building. She realized she had a lot to learn about her body and how to find that delicate balance between nutrition and exercise. In 2014 DominiqueDom3 started competing,  her last two shows towards the end of the year were very successful, she won first in the novice Natural Bikini competition and second in an open federation competition missing her Procard by one point. Dominique said how she highly recommends hiring a Coach to help train for Body Building but to do your research to see if the Coach is the right match for you. Dominique said how she appreciates her current Coach’s methods because he allows a healthy balance of diet and exercise, so she feels energized while hitting the gym hard. Dominique’s next two shows are in November and she is proud to share that she competes in the Natural Bikini Federation shows where the athletes are drug tested. She also competes in the International Bikini Federation shows where the athletes are not tested but they usually draw in a bigger crowd. She works hard at training properly and eating properly and is able to say she competes naturally…now that is inspirational! Dominique is a sponsored athlete by Natural Bikini Magazine and is a contributing editor.

Dom6How do you stay motivated to reach your goals?”

“I just wrote an article on that topic about the 4 Key principles on reaching your goals. It isn’t published yet but I will summarize the key principles to you!

  1. Write them down
  2. Specify, specify, specify
  3. Set Milestones
  4. Set goals you want to achieve”

-Dominique Bouthillette


        Dominique explained how some goals can be unrealistic, leaving you feeling tired and discouraged. She shared how she has been there and has since then with her new Coach adjusted her routines to match her body’s needs. She shared her dieting and workout routines and they are carefully calculated. The amount of information she knows about nutrition and the human body is impressive. Dominique is looking forward to the two shows coming up in November because she feels more prepared and confident than ever before!

Do you ever feel nervous on stage?”

I like the thrill of it, the heels, and bikinis. After all that work you put into diet and training, you enjoy yourself and are proud. It is a lot of fun and all the jitters go away!” -Dominique Bouthillette


        Dominique’s 4 key principles apply to all aspects of life whether your goal is to Body Build or simply reach a dream you have always imagined. Her work ethic is one to admire and her genuine passion for her life is one to strive for! Good luck on your competitions in November, Maine is routing for you!

Courtney Lewallen

You don’t know how long you have on this Earth, I would rather take risks and travel because I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.” – Courtney Lewallen


Golfito, Costa Rica

Courtney always knew she had a passion for the great outdoors growing up in Maine but when she studied abroad in
Australia during college another passion evolved… traveling. She shared how she intentionally chose to eat pasta for six months, didn’t go out to bars and saved every penny to travel all over Australia, New Zealand, and to Fiji. Courtney said this experience changed her life and was bound and determined to weave traveling into her future.

Courtney 2Futaleufu, Chile (Backpacking up the Rio Azul)


She studied Outdoor Recreation at the University of Alabama and continued her studies in Conway, New Hampshire for Wildlife Medicine. Courtney is now a Wildlife Medicine Instructor and leads international expeditions for middle school to high school aged students. She works for a couple of World Challenge Expedition companies that fly her into a school where she prepares the students before they all take off for their month long journey. Courtney’s fearless passion for traveling and the outdoors has lead her to beautiful places all over the world. Some of her favorite countries are New Zealand, Malaysia, Morocco and Chile. Courtney said how she loves the unknown and the adventures that come along with it. She enjoys sharing these transformational travel experiences with the students because there is always personal growth afterwards and the AH HA moments that change your life forever.

Courtney 3Cordillera Blanca, Peru

Courtney Lewallen was in a Chilean yoga class when
she had her first AH HA moment! She experienced pure presence where she let everything go and was just being. Courtney shared how although she did not know what the Chilean yoga instructor was saying she can vividly remember the smells, sounds and every fine detail about her surroundings in that yoga class. She said how she was not focusing on future plans or on the past,she was just there embracing every aspect in the present moment. Everything made sense to Courtney and she strives to always be fully aware in the present moment and wants to share it with others. On the international expeditions she will have the group of students find a quiet place during a hike and tell them to just sit there, not talk, try not to think about anything, relax, and just be for about ten to fifteen minutes. At the end of the student’s trip, Courtney asks them what was their favorite part of the trip and almost all of them refer back to that quiet moment where all they were expected to do was sit back and enjoy the pure presence.

Americans are consumed with what comes next, which means they are never truly experiencing the moment for what it is.” -Courtney Lewallen

 Courtney 4Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Courtney Lewallen is now a resident in Fort Collins, Colorado. She said she knew she had to live there so she picked up and moved without a job knowing she could find odd jobs once she got there to settle in. She still teaches 4-5 Wildlife Medicine courses a month and has been doing so for 6 years now. Courtney also does Marketing for Sierra Trading Post and is itching to take her next trip.

Why is travel a must in your life and inspiring others to travel?

I love the unknown, and being off the beaten path compared to the more tourist areas. I want to share my passion with other people. It is a big world out there and you get this incredible feeling abroad. I want other people to witness this and experience it for themselves.” -Courtney Lewallen

The Mallett Brothers Band

Why is it worth living your dreams and doing something you are passionate about?”

It’s the way its supposed to be, you know if you are doing something and you are thinking to yourself… yep this is it, this is perfect, than that means it is. There is not any reason to get locked into ideas of “oh I can’t afford this” or, “oh I should do something more responsible” or, whatever it is. If you are feeling like this is it, it is going to make you happier than anything else.” -Luke Mallett

Best of Big Lake Sessions MBB (1 of 145)          There are times in life where everything comes together at the right time for a reason. People, moments, melodies, all of it falls into place and it just simply works. The Mallett Brothers Band was created and brought together from one of these perfect times in every band member’s life.

We were all in a good place for this thing to happen.” -Luke Mallett

Luke Mallett and Nick Leen were in a previous band together that just ended. Will Mallett moved to Portland after college and started jamming with his brother. Wally was a local sound engineer and musician. Wally also had been in a couple of bands with Brian Higgins before who was and still is heavily involved in the metal music scene. During this time the Portland Music scene was flourishing and Nick started rounding up the guys to form The Mallett Brothers Band.

What is really cool about The Mallett Brothers Band is their chemistry. They all bring different musical backgrounds to the band. From their diverse style, they have developed an authentic rich rooted sound. Their unique sound is hard to place into one genre and they are incomparable in the North East.

We are kind of American Rock n Roll music , sometimes folky, sometimes country.” -Will Mallett


The Mallett Brothers Band has four albums after the latest, Lights Along the River, released in April 2015. They have been going strong for about six plus years and are touring up and down the east coast,across the U.S. to Texas, Colorado and up to Chicago. They perform well over 100 shows a year so writing songs on the road happens often for them, which adds to their organic sound. Fortunately The Mallett Brothers Band originated out of Portland, Maine so they made sure to schedule summer concerts back home. Take a look and listen for yourself! The link for their tour schedule is on their website at

During their free time back home in Maine, if their not jamming in the studio, Nick is often found wetting a line at the nearest fishing hole. Brian still passionately supports the metal music scene and Luke enjoys his horse farm. Will shared how him and Wally just stare at each other and play music in their recording studio while occasionally considering going fishing with Nick.


Why is it worth living your dreams and doing something you are passionate about?”

I’m living the dream. I have been in the position where I was doing something I didn’t love so I know the difference between the two and this is where its at. I’m in this all the way, I love it! It’s what I’ve always wanted to do.” -Wally

Kate McPherson

“I know I would regret if I didn’t go after my passion and being uncomfortable for a couple of years knowing what I am working towards is worth it.” -Kate McPherson

Kate 2
       Naturally, many parents ask their kids “what do you want to be when you grow up?” The child usually responds with numerous wildly amazing ideas, from being an Astronaut to a Veterinarian or being in band! Could one of these creative childhood dreams actually carry on to be a lifelong dream…YES!!!

       Meet Kate McPherson, she was a young girl when she was first captivated by marine wildlife. She knew her dream was to one day work with sea creatures, particularly whales. Kate laughed admitting that the film Free Willey was not just any 90’s childhood movie, it was her favorite! From there on and into high school her fascination with whales remained and she applied to The University of Maine, Orono to study Marine Science. After Kate received her undergraduate degree, she pursued a Masters degree at Tufts University to further her education in the Animals Public Policy program. Kate has also completed a few internships to gain field experience. From studying Bottlenosed dolphins in Key West, Florida, Humpback whales in Plymouth, Massachusetts, and she just finished an internship focused on necropsy in Yarmouth Port, Massachusetts. Necropsy is an autopsy and for this internship it was centered on marine wildlife to learn what the cause of death was, to better understand what external causes are impacting the animals habitat and are they being fairly treated? The water ways are heavily used and from this increase the sea creatures are being negatively affected. Kate explained that is why she wanted to pursue a Master’s degree in Animal Public Policy so she can be well informed on how to advocate for the protection of marine wildlife and find a fair balance for everyone, above or below the water.


       Kate is looking forward to her next internship this summer in Provincetown, Massachusetts to do some scientific research on Humpback whales but is ready to land a paid position afterwards. She shared it can be frustrating since her internships have been unpaid. Kate has been making it work by moving back and forth from her parents house in Maine in between internships. Kate also noted that it is worth being uncomfortable for a small fraction of time in your life, when you are chasing after your dream career and she could not imagine doing anything else now.

       Childhood dreams can transcend time and carry on into an adult dream and supporting them is the most important thing we can do, because following your heart leads you to living your dream life.

Marybeth Noonan

“Do you ever feel nervous before going on stage and if so, how do you overcome it?”

“It is impossible to be thankful and feel fear at the same time. I take a deep breath and tell myself how thankful I am to have this opportunity. It calms me down and I am not scared at all”

-Marybeth Noonan

       We create stereotypes to try and better understand something. We combine past stories we half hear, with our own judgments to formulate a stereotype. Most of our stereotypes are inaccurate because we do not have all the facts.

       Marybeth Noonan has been stereotyped as a “Pageant Girl” most of her life. When we hear the word Pageant we think of looks, glamorous dresses and beautiful smiles. This can seem superficial but the fact is there is a lot more to it. To even compete for Miss Maine which is a Scholarship Pageant, you have to be a smart multi-talented young woman. In order to enter the pageant you have to fund-raise a certain amount of money to donate to a good cause. Once you are participating in the pageant, you are scored on several components that include, the classy evening gown, swimsuit, having good grades in school, performing a talent, answering a variety of private interview questions ranging from personal beliefs, life goals, to knowledge on current global/political events and an on stage question. To sum it all up you have to be a well polished all-star!

       Marybeth started competing in Miss Maine Pageants when she was in middle school. She grew up loving musicals and participating in theater but never thought about entering a pageant, until the Director of a play she was in suggested she should enter the Miss Young Teen Maine pageant in 2008. With her natural theater talent from singing,dancing and overall stage performance, she won! Marybeth shared she was surprised she won and rocked a dress from Goodwill. She said she was skeptical at first about entering the pageant but was thankful that she did. From winning Miss Young Teen Maine she got to perform at the Miss Maine Pageant and found it would not be her last. In 2010 she competed for Miss Outstanding Teen ME and shared how it was a pleasant surprise that she won again! After this award she got to compete at the Miss Outstanding Teen America in Orlando, FA and then performed at Miss America in Las Vegas, NV in 2011. She remembered seeing a lot of girls with extra fancy suitcases and dresses but recognized at a young age that money isn’t everything, and it all comes down to what you can bring for talent to the competition. Marybeth said since she was only 15 years old when she traveled to represent Maine at both events, she gained a lot of independence having to be away from her parents along with a bonus confidence booster, that every high schooler needs.

       Now that Marybeth knows what it takes to compete at Scholarship Pageants, she is proud of her accomplishments, because she understands how much effort every girl puts into the competitions and is not ashamed by any false stereotype created for “Pageant Girls”. Marybeth is also a student at Lyndon State College in Vermont for Broadcast Journalism and she runs her own business, Rent-a-Princess. Rent-a-Princess started when she was asked, at the age of 14, to dress up like a princess for a young girl’s birthday party. It took off from there and now she travels back home to Maine most weekends for many birthday parties and training for her Miss Maine pageant. She has expanded Rent-a-Princess to Vermont since she attends school there and is happy bringing joy to the kids faces. This has lead her to volunteer as a Princess at Maine Pediatric Hospitals to surprise children who are sick with cancer. “To see a sick innocent child and know I can temporarily take their pain away is so rewarding and that is why I wanted to start raising money for children’s cancer research.” -Marybeth Noonan


       Marybeth Noonan competed for Miss Maine this past Sunday April 26th, 2015 and raised a thousand dollars to put towards children’s cancer research and platformed it as “Be Their Voice” because of how underfunded this research is and all children need a positive advocate. For the Miss Maine pageant Marybeth performed a tap dance routine to a song from Chicago and trained over a year for all the components in the pageant. She worked out twice a day, practiced her dance routine twice a day, stayed on top of her school work, her business and global awareness to be prepared. As a determined young woman Marybeth is a positive role model to many and is a humble well spoken individual chasing after her dreams! On Sunday she won 1st runner up as Miss Maine Sweetheart and is looking forward to compete at nationals for Miss America’s Sweetheart,this September in Illinois. This is a great accomplishment and another amazing opportunity for her to further prepare for Miss America next year!







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