Sisters Gourmet Deli


In life we tend to let our ego take over and steer us in the wrong direction because of fear, embarrassment or concern about what others may think of us. Well meet the Queen of overcoming the ego, Ms. Michaela McVetty. She is an ambitious motivated woman who was not afraid to dream at a young age. Michaela recognized an opportunity with a coworker to pursue a Hot Dog stand business. The coworker mentioned it in passing and Michaela caught wind of it and did not let it pass her by. Her creative ambitions lead her to  contact the coworker everyday with new thoughts and ideas for the Hot Dog stand, even when he asked her to take a break from itMM3….Michaela decided she wouldn’t because her excitement out shined her ego. Eventually the coworker agreed to give it a shot and the two had a stand right in Old Orchard Beach for a summer. Michaela shared that it was fun, a lot of work and ultimately a learning experience! From there naturally she studied Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management at the University of Southern Maine. Michaela then worked her way into becoming Manager/Co-Owner of two restaurants, Fit to Eat and White Cap Grille. Her hard work and leadership skills allowed her to not only do well at both restaurants but gave her memories and bonds with coworkers she now calls family. Michaela laughs because although she technically may have been the boss of girls younger than her and woman older then her she couldn’t just call her coworker’s friends, it felt right to call them Sisters! As season’s changed and working about 90 plus hours a week Michaela realized it was time to take care of herself, clear her head take a vacation and pursue a new business of her very own when she returned. She went back and forth on either going with a more upper scale restaurant like White Cap or something like Fit to Eat, a gourmet deli. Fortunately Michaela said “The Sisters had spoken” and reminded her of how happy she was when she was running Fit to Eat. This made Michaela decide another gourmet deli would be perfect and that she already knows how to take the best of the best from Fit to Eat and make it better. She said how grateful she is for all the help family and friends have put in to turn her new dream into reality. Michaela shared stories on how the development of the gourmet deli has been a blast and how she loves jumping right in to help the carpenter, painting and being truly  100% apart of the whole creative process. Michaela McVetty is a woman who knows how to have a good time while working hard. She noted how she loves the coworkers who are joining her at Sisters Gourmet Deli and enjoys having their strengths shine in the opening process from marketing, design, organization, food ideas etc. So without further a due Michaela will be opening Sisters Gourmet Deli at 15 Monument Square in downtown Portland on May 1st, 2016!!!! It is already clear how fun and successful Sisters Gourmet Deli will be because of who Michaela is as an Owner, Manager, and most importantly as a Sister!



One thought on “Sisters Gourmet Deli

  1. And I call her daughter!
    Nothing will stand in this girls way to make her dreams come to life ! She inspires me in life. And I love her to the moon, and then some!


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