Marissa’s Tiny House

  Marissa’s Tiny House  

“How does it feel to have the model of your tiny home come to life?” 

“It was such a cool experience. I remember knowing I wanted to build this and having no idea how it was going to happen. I didn’t have the building skills and there were a lot of elements that needed to come into place,  I didn’t know where they were coming from and then, I just never gave up. I continued to network with people, probably a total of 100 people have helped me make this a reality. So I am really grateful to everyone of you, thank you.” Marissa Caminiti

                   Marissa is a life-long resident of Maine and a cum laude graduate from USM. She works in the field of holistic health and offers services as an essential oils consultant, organic gardener, reiki master, and yoga teacher. She built a tiny house when, after a while, she recognized that although she had created many beautiful gardens (homes for plants), she had not created a home yet for herself! A tiny house is, for her, the perfect little gardener’s cottage and a solution to Maine’s economic and environmental challenges. She appreciates the experience of building her tiny house with her grandfather as much as she appreciates the house itself. She hopes to now get to relax in it and finish writing a book she has been working on.

“I value experiences more than holding onto physical things and it makes life feel simpler.” Marissa Caminiti

“People have been building little houses since people existed.” Marissa Caminiti





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